A file transfer system


In Bigfile, you can create a lot of APPs, they are logically isolated, have their own space, do not affect each other, each APP can only see the contents of their own directory. We provide a command line tool management app.

In order to create an app, you can run the following command´╝Ü

bigfile app:new --name "bigfile blog" --note "for bigfile to upload file"

After success, you will get the App Uid and App secret.

If you want to delete an app, you can run the command: bigfile app:delete --uid=foobar, run command bigfile app:delete will get more help.

As a system administrator, you may want to view all the apps in the system, it is very simple, just run the command: bigfile app:list.

I hope Bigfile will bring you more happiness.